portable surface roughness testers
The PHASE II SRG-2000 surface roughness tester is a pocket-sized economically priced instrument for measuring surface roughness texture conforming to traceable standards. It can be used on the shop floor in any position, horizontal, vertical or anywhere in between.

The large LCD display shows either surface roughness parameter Ra, Rz, Rms(Rq) and Rt at the touch of a button, combined with the selected cutoff length. External calibration of the surface roughness tester values is possible by means of a special CAL button, which makes adjustment of the surface roughness tester very easy. A beep signal informs the user about each individual measurement status when ready.

The easy to use SRG-2000 surface roughness tester operates on various surfaces, not only flat but also outer cylinder, outer cone, grooves, and recesses greater than 80x 30mm. The areas of application are wide spread. It is suitable for inspection departments, quality control, on the shop floor during machining, during assembly, and on site.

The SRG-2000 surface roughness tester determines surface roughness parameters Ra,Rz, Rms(Rq) and Rt within a wide measuring range. The piezo-electric pick-up stylus with diamond tip assures a very reliable measurement within tolerances that conform to ASME B46.1. Surface Roughness parameter Ra is computed to conform to ISO and Rz is computed to conform to DIN.
SRG-2000 Surface Roughness Tester Technical Specifications 

Surface Roughness parameter Ra (ISO), Rz (DIN), Rms(Rq), Rt
Measuring range Ra: 0.05-10.0mm  / Rz 0.1-50mm
Resolution 0.04mm   (1.6minch)
Cut-off lengths 0.0009in., 0.03in., 0.09in
Filter RC analogue
Tracing length 0.23in  (6mm)
Tracing speed 0.04in/second  (1.0mm/second)
Accuracy +/- 12%  of actual Value
Pick-up stylus Piezo-electric
Tracer tip Diamond, radius 5mm
Operating temperature 32-104 degrees F  (0-40 degrees C)
Power 3.6v / 2xNiMh batteries
Charger 9V DC
Contact force on probe <1.8ozf (<50gf)
Static measuring force of sensor stylus <0.06ozf (<1.6gf)
Dimensions 4.9 x 2.8 x 1.0in  (125 x 73 x 26mm)
Weight 0.4lbs   (200g)

The PHASE II SRG-2000 surface roughness tester comes complete with a compact durable carrying case, roughness standard, charger and instruction manual.

Surface Roughness Tester Measurement Guide
Surface roughness, for purposes of this forum, is the result of some machining process and its effect on the material surface in question.

Skid type surface roughness testers are common instruments used on the shop floor. A diamond stylus is traversed across the specimen and a piezoelectric pickup records all vertical movement. Peaks and valleys are recorded and converted into a known value of a given parameter.

Parameters differ in how they approach looking at peaks and valleys. The most popular parameter is “Ra”. Ra is commonly defined as the arithmetic average roughness. While the Ra parameter is easy and efficient, there are other parameters that can be more specific and useful depending on the application requirements. It is the parameters that enable us to define surface roughness.

Today, for the purpose of checking Ra values, the use of portable, hand held, surface roughness testers are not only economical, but are digital and easy to use. These surface roughness testers are a given necessity for any shop floor that receives work with Ra requirements.


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